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Tasker on Android



Some people on Android have made extensive use of Tasker for automation with their schedule. 

Flow could expose itself to Tasker as a 3rd Party Actions 


Rather than building out Flow's own integrations for things like Location, Tasker could be used to trigger off many assorted things, and as a stopgap until those are ready. 


For example, Tasker can detect when you are near a certain bluetooth device, near a certain wifi network, at a GPS location. (See their "Location Without Tears" document) 


And Tasker could either send 3rd Party Actions or Android Intents, though 3rd Party Actions would be easier for users


Example Tasker-Flow Actions might be 

 - Run instant flow (IE, Similar to tapping a homescreen flow button/widget) 

 - Disable a flow

 - Enable a flow

 - Get number of approvals waiting

 - Maybe launch to approvals screen? 



My personal use-case is that I am toying with the idea of tracking throughout a building. 

With Tasker, I could monitor for bluetooth devices and when I detect them, have Tasker launch an Instant Flow, so that the tracking information might be stored in Sharepoint. 


Since the homescreen widgets can be "buttons" for a given flow, I might be able to found out the intent the Flow Button widget is using and make Tasker send that, but it is very difficult, and might be changing over time 


Status: New