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Team Flow - assigning task with outlook

It would be nice if there was a way create an outlook task for someone else when something is created in SharePoint.



1. Item or file created in SharePoint (folder specificed)

2. Create Outlook Task

3. Select recepient of task (much like sending an email when a file is created, but a task instead)


Also, if reminder options could be less specific (not having to select an exact date and time). As in, if the task is automatically created for someone else then you could set that the task should be due 5 hours from the time it was created. And then set a reminder for say 1 hour before that due date/time.


Something like this:

Mary adds file to Folder A in Sharepoint

New task is generated for John in his Outlook Tasks

Flow has been set to be due 5 hours from task creation

Reminder sent to John 4 hours before task is due

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Its surprinsing

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I am not able to see the recipient option.


Any reason why?