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Teams Actions - Chat Automation

It would be great if we could have the following features added to the Teams Connector:


  • Get Chats - similar to the existing "Get Messages" but this would get all Chats Returns
    • Chat participants
    • Read/UnRead status
    • Last Message Date/Time
    • Chat Visibility Status (Hidden or Visible)
  • Update Chat Status - used to Update a Chat Status to Read/Unread or the Visibility

As chat's pile up, it would be great to have a way to create a FLOW that cleans-up old chats.  Writing a flow would be fairly simple, check for all Visible Chats, then Loop on those Chats that are Read and the last message is >10 days old.

Status: New
New Member

yes please!!  "Get Messages" from Teams Chats and Group Chats! not just from Channels.


this would allow to build a flow to "migrate" messages from Chats to Channels.,,,