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Teams Channel: Reply on a message

I would love to see an Action added to the Teams connector. 'Get Messages' would be great to include some ODATA Filters to get one specific message in the Channel. 'Reply to Message' would use the ID from the 'Get Messages' ODATA and allow a predefined message be sent.


I'm building an approval process for Company expense purchases. So far my plan is the build a custom sharepoint list to track all requests submitted by a PowerApp. When a new item is created in the Sharepoint list a flow will start to post an adaptive card to a Teams Channel. The Finance team will be able to Approve, Hold, or Decline right from the channel while include an note/message to the requestor. 


I would like to include another flow that checks for any submitted or hold requests and remind Finance on the original card to approve, deny or hold the request again. This will help keep our teams in real time communication on a platform that is accessable from the field.

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100% needed

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I agree, just wanted to post the same. A reply to a posted message would be great