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Teams Connector | Trigger based on new member added to a team or channel

Please provide some triggers for Teams connector

Ex: I would like to trigger a workflow when a new member is added to particular team or channel and take some action like creating a folder space for him/her in sharepoint or send them email with comprehensive list of documents for that team

Status: New
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I want this too, but I'd like to be able to call an API to create the user in an external app.

New Member

Highly required! Ie. It's so boring to send an Introducing mail each time a member is added...

New Member

How is this idea almost 2 years old??? Knock this one out please!

New Member

This idea has been requested in a few places. Is there anyway an admin can combine them? 

This also should include a trigger for TEAMS member deleted. Obviously we are looking to trigger on/off boarding activities.