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Teams - 'Post a Message' - Custom Flow Bot Names



We are creating more and more workflows with Power Automate, and a popular feature is the Teams connector to let the Flow Bot post messages to users and channels. I would love the ability to create custom names for the Flow Bot based on the Flow, to provide better context at-a-glance as messages are sent. Essentially asking for the option to have/create multiple named Flow Bots for sending messages based on their Flow's functions.




"Flow" "Sent a card" -- Specific business-critical processes may get lost amongst low priority processes if we use the Flow Bot for Teams notifications. Having every kind of Teams notification from every Flow be sent into one private message channel creates too much clutter. "Flow: Absence Request" and "Flow: Emergency Power Outage" as separate named private message channels would be nice to have, for example.


Status: New
New Member

Hello, this is really important as most companies would want to brand the bot with their own custom names. 

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Is this possible in powerautomate now?

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is any update about this? 

currently, the format is xxx via Power Automate, wonder if we can do anything about the display of the bot

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I would like to add my voice to this request. I'm not a coder but I wouldn't imagine this to be difficult to implement.
Could we please have this feature? It's 2022 and this sort of thing should exist by now.

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Hi Team,

We are also looking for same feature for our flow. Please make the changes in latest patch.

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Hi All, 

This is possible now. All you need to do is create a Power Virtual Agent bot of your own and then use it in the Post an adaptive card action in flows.


You can refer the below blog for more information: