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Teams: add tags to team members

We would like to use a Microsoft Form and Power Automate to handle the onboarding of new colleagues. One of the actions that is going to be carried out, is adding the new colleague to the team of his/her department. Some teams have tags, to divide the team members in different categories. If the new colleague is (automatically) added to such a team, we would also like to add these tags to the new colleague automatically in the onboarding process, through Power Automate.

Status: New
New Member

I would like to do this also.

New Member

This would be so helpful. Tags are great, but managing them is a bear. I would love to have tags added or removed as I change the value of fields in a MS List built as a contact list. This could expand tagging in a very useful way. You could start @Mentioning people by city, department, committee, position, or any other field you need.