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Teams get message and replies by id

New new flow API GetMessageByID that will allow you to obtain a specific message using its ID.  The Get messages api returns a list of messages from a Channel and it isn't realistic to page through a list of messages when you got back the message id when you called "Post a message (v3)"  The API exists ({group-id-for-teams}/channels/{channel-id}/messages/{message-...


We should also have a method of GetRepliesByMessageId that utilizes this API ({group-id-for-teams}/channels/{channel-id}/messages/{message-...)


This can all be seen working in the Graph Explorer


Status: New
New Member

This would be really useful for the trigger that runs a flow from a Teams message.  You could get the message and its replies to send off somewhere.

Continued Contributor

I can't believe this is missing....

Get replies with a parameter of messageID seems like the most obvious action for Flow. I am currently using it in Graph but because of MFA I need to authenticate each time (which is 0% helpful)

Regular Visitor

Please add this.  This is a major impeachment for using Power Automate to make real things happen inside of "citizen developer" organizations.  Without this, Mordac the preventer of information services prevails in all things when Microsoft Graph gets involved.  If it's not built in, it doesn't exist.