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Teams - more 'post as bot' customisation

The 'post a message' action for Teams is great, but is missing some other useful functionality that is included in the same action for Slack.


When you choose the Slack 'post a message', you can specify advanced options, including a custom 'bot name' and a 'bot emoji'. For us, we used both of these for easily distinguishing between different types of message posted in the same channel, so it would be helpful if the Teams action offered something similar, rather than just posting as the user whose account is linked to the action, or the Flow bot.

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"Flow" does have an option to "Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel", but I'm unable to get it working. The flow keeps failing. If I change the action to "Post a message", it posts as my user.

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@dushyantb I had trouble getting this to work initially, did you install the Flow app in your Team? You have to add the bot to the channel you want to post in for it to succeed. I was getting a 403 error until I added the Flow app.

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I wish that the bot messages were cleaner, it automatically adds this text to every post: ######UserDisplayName (UserEmail) used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification. Learn more


I want to use the bot to post frequent status updates for my team, but this added line in every message makes it cluttered and difficult to read.

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@Anonymous yes, I've added the Flow app to my team. I reported it here.

They confirmed that the issue exists in some regions, and will hopefull fix it in next week.


Disappointed to hear about the garbage they're attaching on the Flow bot posts, but I'm gonna have to live with it. These notifications aren't even realtime, Slack+Trello webhooks work too good, its a shame I have to depend on Flows just for a notification that should be a direct intergration.

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Yep, seen this now, but, as mentioned above, it's far from a great solution at the moment. Agree about the message attached to each bot posting - no need for it to be there.

Ideally I'd like more customisation, ;ole being able to specify the name and the profile emoji / image. We post a lot of messages from bots in current Slack channels and you can easily distinguish them by their name and emoji profile pic. It's impossible to achieve this in Flow when the same Flow bot posts everything and they all have that untidy message at the end.