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Teams trigger to handle pending requests

We have a Team setup for our Office 365 Business Champion community. In order to join the Team we have created a Form where you sign up in becoming a Business Champion and where you also get to enter some information and details about yourself. When submiting that Form there is a Flow that is being triggered that transfers the information to a sharePoint list and also communicate back a welcome email and finally add the user to the Teams group. 

Now, we starting to receive quite a lot of requests to join the Team without signing up because the word spreads that there is a Business Champion Team you can join in order to receive a lot of information. So email are dropping in to me and the other owners where we can approve or deny of course. The thing is that we don't want't them to join in that way without providing us with information and details which is being handled in the application Form.


This would be awesome and really helpful


The trigger would basically work in that way that when a request to join the Team from "someone" an email is being sent back to the user with information in how you signup the proper way with the link to the Form.

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Hi @claessoderstrom , this is exactly what I am looking for too! It would be good to know if there is a solution to this from Microsoft? 

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I second this.  We have an almost identical use case with an internal "Champions" team that we want folks to go fill out a Microsoft Form as their method for joining.  We collect information from them, AND have automations hanging off the completion of that form that writes the collected information to a file (that our membership tracking Power BI dashboard feeds off), sends a welcome email, adds the users to the Team, adds them to a separate distro group and other background tasks.  All of this workflow and automation is bypassed if someone just attempts to join the team and an owner accepts it inside Teams.  We'd love to be able to have Power Automate generate a message when someone attempts to join (that's the trigger event), directing them to the Form as the method for doing so.