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Terminate a single running flow from Flow

Hi! I don't know if it's possible by now (if yes, please tell me how) but I want to suggest a Flow action that given an ID from a single running execution from a given Flow it could terminate it's execution.


Here is my scenario in a few words:

Every day we send approval request to people, but there are moments when a single approvation shouldn't go anymore, so by now we have implemented an if condition that checks whether the list column "hasApprovalBeenCancelled" its true or false to continue the remaining actions if it hasn't been cancelled previously.



Status: New
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I would add to this, that you could get a http request that triggers a flow and a second http request which cancels an instance of the first flow.


E.g. a IoT device issues a warning, triggers a flow, which loops, escalating via email every 1/2 hour until the device is fixed. The IoT device could trigger a second http flow, which would cancel the looping instance.