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Terminate/end flow

I would love the ability to terminate flow with an action.

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@avt: it's already there:



However, it doesn't work in loops, where it usually need to be.

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hmm, do you mean "Do until" or "add and aply to each" ?



I'm building a subsequent approval flow, the list of approvers is set by a user and can contain an unlimited amount of approvers. 

So, I thought that I may declare a variable like "Skip" and set it to "Yes" if someone will respond "Reject", while do-while could monitor this variable in a parallel flow branch.


Anyway, I built another solution to skip further approvers if the one responded Reject, without using of Terminate.

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Could you share what solution you used to get this done?

Hi @eddysun,



1. Declare a variable like 'Approved' which is set by default to 'Approved'

2. In the approval loop, first check if this variable is set to 'Approved'.

3. In 'If Yes' branch, build your approval business logic and check response, if someone rejected then set 'Approved' variable to 'Rejected'.

4. In 'If No' branch, do nothing - it will literally skip all further approvers if any of the approvers rejected once.


Refer to the picture below, I skipped all the business logic and left only critical parts.

Hope it helps. 
Skip approver.PNG

This is not the best solution although as it will iterate through all approvers anyway, but it works.

Hope it helps, let me know if any questions you have.



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This is much needed to control approval flows. Just letting them time out is not a good approach 

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@Pavel_Sheludkov How have you done that "send email with options"? I can see that in your screenshot...

Hi @luju 


There is an action called 'Send email with options' within the Office 365 Outlook connector. 



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Great - thanks. Haven't found that thing before...