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Terminate for each loop

We should really have the ability to terminate for-each loops. Looping through multiple lists & terminating when finding something is a feature I've been looking for. Do-until doesn't work for me.

Status: New
Advocate I

**bleep** straight! Since you have limited flows to 8 nested conditions we need way to terminate. Do until will not do it.

Kudo Collector

This is definitely needed for more complex logic.

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Main driver for me is looping through a bunch of CRM records (thousands) I have error handling in place but then want to Terminate the error branch - if the error is one I was expecting to get (data quality issues impacting a small percentage of records for example) and handled it it with "run after" then i don't really want my Flow to report it failed, when I handled all the errors.

Hope that make sense!!

Advocate III

Badly needed to debug and troubleshoot complex flows.