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Text (CSV) file - get rows

An action to get rows from a text file (CSV) would be handy.

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please please please...

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I voted!


Please be a lad and vote my idea, to increase the approval timeout (or just general timeout) of flows to MORE THAN 30 DAYS!!


I'm at 155 votes, more is better.


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CSV is such a common format to receive data, would be great as currently having to setup a data connection to a saved CSV in excel and then trigger the flow from this. Essentially manually triggered 

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We are looking at a number of cloud based BPM products and all of them have this functionallity. Why would this be missing??


There is Parse_JSO. What is wrong with Parse_csv?


Excel processing is also not working as it requires all sheets to have tables. None of our products use tables in excel. 


Once again Microsoft produce a product that almost works. almost.......

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The first thing I turned to FLow to solve can not be done CSV->XLS-->SQL

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@Anonymous You might be able to do this... what does your csv data look like?

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Potential workaround I had for a regular scheduled csv report.


Flow saves csv to folder


Have a workbook setup with a data connection pointed to the data in the csv file


Setup vbs file (can just use notepad for this if need be) which opens the workbook and refreshes the data and close the workbook. (Googled to find the code)


Setup a scheduled task in Windows Task Schedular that runs the VBS script at whatever frequency required (you can set it to start a minute after you expect to receive your csv file)


Setup your flow to detect when the excel file is modified and hey presto.




if you dont have batch job rights you have to be logged on for task schedular to run


If your files are on onedrive or a share point synced folder this can cause some delays between saving and syncing of a few minutes (a bug related to task schedular I think)


Even with autosave off I've found my flow will win twice so I had to setup a list item in Sharepoint which is switched to true when flow is running (checked as condition for being false before running) add a 20sec delay near the end of the flow before switching this item back to false. This ensured it only ran once.


I've been told to look into Powershell as a better option over task schedular but dont know enough about it yet

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Virtual every automation task that I was looking to implement with flow starts with a CSV.  It's somewhat ridiculous that something as common as CSV isn't supported. I'm hoping we can get some bumps and votes on this. Smiley Tongue

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Agreed.  I was able to get this to work but it is VERY ugly with a bunch of string splits, piles of variables, loops, conditionals, and very very slow.  Native CSV support is a must have.