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Text (CSV) file - get rows

An action to get rows from a text file (CSV) would be handy.

Status: Completed
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Please with support for Unicode encoding ! So we also can save Segui (symbol) font letters

Advocate I
Advocate I

 This feature would be great I have several systems that I would love to integrate with flow via csv.

Advocate II

Please fix this?  We need a good way to handle CSV formatted data without using some outside service.

Regular Visitor

This facilitates a great many integration tasks. csv is such an ubiquitous export option that picking these up in Flow and working meaningfully with the data would empower a huge number of potential uses.

New Member

Would love to be able to extract rows based off of content in a .csv file

Regular Visitor

Upvoted, I am sure many many users/organisations would have a use for this functionality

Kudo Collector

How can this basic functionality be missing...  Might be forced to go back Nintex 😞

Kudo Collector

Using the Excel Online is useless since the file name/path can only be hardcoded (selected).  No variable file name or path can be passed throught Flow...    Then I thought, let's use a CSV file instead, to only find out there is no CSV import...   I'm out of option since the users can only handle Excel or CSV files 😞 

New Member

Definitely a needed feature. Integration can be simplified with this.

Advocate I

Agree - this is basic and a must have.