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The Flow "Run History" should display Item ID and Item Title

The Flow "Run History" currently only display "Start Time", duration" and "Status", it's hard to identify the flow runs against which item or document. When flow failed, it would be very helpful to display the Item ID and Item Title in the "Run History", so we can easily identify which item's flow failed.

Status: Under Review

Thank you for your suggestion.

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i strong recommenced this idea.
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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your suggestion.

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Any update on this feature for run history? I'm assuming it'd work much like event viewer does now. 

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Is there any updates?

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Please consider allowing the flow designer to log a relevant detail of their choosing to a dedicated column within the flow history. The designer might then choose to log item ID, or some other variable (e.g. piece of dynamic content) from the flow run, that they deem useful to their purposes.

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Strongly suggest this, and even associating Flow with the source list if your connecting to SharePoint.  This way you can see the WF on the SharePoint side as well, and even trigger it manually from there like legacy 10/13' SP Designer & Nintex workflows.  Tracking down past runs to associate with a list item is now like finding a needle in a haystack.

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10 out of 10, good idea!

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This would be a huge help to SPO admins!