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The ability to hide / restrict / disable specific Flow connectors in our Tenancy

In order of preference, I would like the ability to:
  1. Hide / Disable specific connectors to members of a nominated AD Group, OR
  2. Hide / Disable specific connectors in our Tenancy, OR
  3. Disable Flow in our Tenancy except for members of a nominated AD Group
We need to restrict the flow of data to unmanaged systems. Unfortunately having a "Data Moat" that prevents data from being transferred between "approved" and "unapproved" connectors (as is currently available) does not prevent data from being generated and sent to an unmanaged environment. Flow Management does not provide this ability.
Status: New
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We have the same problem.

For example: we don’t want the users to use the connectors “Gmail”, “Google Calendar”, “Google Drive”, etc.

We can block theses connectors from being used with our “business data”-connectors (like “SharePoint”, “OneDrive for Business”, “Excel Online”, etc.), but we cannot disable the using of the Google-Connectors among each other. So it is possible to use “Gmail” in connection with “Google Calendar” etc.


And no, it is not a option to block the Google login-sites for the entire company, because there are business cases where the users must login in google (Android Cell phones). We only want to disable the Google connectors in flow.

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This uservoice is the same:


Please change you vote to there right uservoice. 

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