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The ability to migrate connections in Power Automates with Power Automates within a Solution



It would be very useful to be able to migrate connections used within Power Automates with the Power Automates in Solution files. We are finding that although we can now move Power Automates between environments using Solutions that the manual effort to go through and reconnect each step of a flow when imported into the new environment is very difficult to maintain. But it is proving unfeasible with the amount of manual effort to move Power Automates between environments in line with traditional ALM processes e.g. DEV > TEST > PROD. 

Microsoft are pushing us to use Power Automate over the classic Workflow tools. However without full replacement and the ability to move Power Automates between environments easily and quickly it is difficult justify to customers the huge amount of time it takes to now do what was a pretty simple task using the classic workflow tools. 





Status: New