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This experience is awful.

Several glaringly obvious issues if you ever used this thing:


  1. The help button on flow actions never actually provides you a link to any documentation on the flow activity.  What is this? Bing?
  2. I never know what outputs I'm getting from anything, or what formats or data comes out of things.
  3. Initialize and Set variables could be a single action.
  4. The flow diagram is absolutely unreadable with it being all generic titles unless you rename things.
  5. The expression builder uses javascript.alert() when your expression is invalid instead of saying that in/near the box?!


Someone really needs to review the usability of this whole thing.


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Also - Why do you just SHOW the code instead of letting people edit.  Omg.  I could probably get things done so much easier if you just let me EDIT The code

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Seems like on power platform most of the team is working on Power Apps and Power BI, Power Automate has potential of contentors and actions but but the UI, expression tab, dynamic contents ADHD behavior drag it down.  Surprized this not higher on the list of things to improve.