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Tie Flow to site, list or library NOT individual users for corporate business processes

I'm running into a disturbing number of scenarios that prevent me from recommending Flow as a business solution for SharePoint


  • Most companies make people update passwords periodically. My understanding is that updating your password will cause Flows using the old password to stop working.
  • Flow also stops running if the Flow owner leaves the company and their credentials are deactivated. Even if they are shared as a team flow, the other owners will need to rebuild the Flow in order to take it over.
  • As the site owner, I have no way of knowing what Flows are running on my site, nor can I assist if there are problems.

Until Flow can be attached to the site, list or library and made independent of individual users the way a Designer flow is, I'm afraid i can't recommend it to my business as a viable solution. I can't risk having a global business process global used by thousands of users go dark every few months when I update my password.


I would love to move away from SharePoint Designer, but I can't until this is addressed.


This in turn also limits the functionality of PowerApps as many of the higher level functions are tied to Flow.

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Hi @rdavis6: Have you considered Team Flow in Microsoft Flow and assigning multiple persons?


You can also try companywide solutions using Azure Logic Apps, which uses the same engine as Flow and has a lot similarities with Flow but is focused more at a higher business level. Take a look at 

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Yes, I know about shared Team Flows, but how would sharing a Flow solve my issues?


So here's my use case. Joe User creates a Flow that does a cool thing to a list. Joe shares his Flow with 2 other team members.That's cool. The regular users know nothing about this Flow, they just know that a cool thing happens on this list. Now, Joe is forced to change his password and the Flow stops running. Joe has no idea the Flow has stopped working because it doesn't generate a notification upon failure. But the regular users notice and since I'm the site collection owner, they all come to me any time something breaks. But can't help them. I can't even see that a Flow is attached to the list or that Joe is the owner. 


All I'm attempting to get across is that Flow is not ready for prime time as a business application no matter how cool it is and that these are the gaps I see that need to be filled before I can recommend it as one.



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Thanks for the additional information @rdavis6. This looks like valuable information for Microsoft to me.