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Timezone Support for Sharepoint Date Column

If I output the date column from a sharepoint list with the value 5.4.2017(UTC+01), it actually outputs 4.4.2017. This is because flow currently only supports UTC+00.

A workaround is to change the timezone from the sharepoint list to UTC+00. But then the "Created" and other time Column are wrong.


Please add support for other Timezones, even if it has to be declared in the flow himself.

Status: Planned
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Thanks for the info.


I've managed a work around 🙂   Put in a Compose of the below....just means i need to update it when Daylight Savings comes around.



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Is there a way I can include the 'addhours' and 'addminutes' into the same expression? 

I am in timezone +930.





EDIT:  Blonde moment.  I simply used the addminutes expression and set it to 570.