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Timezone Support for Sharepoint Date Column

If I output the date column from a sharepoint list with the value 5.4.2017(UTC+01), it actually outputs 4.4.2017. This is because flow currently only supports UTC+00.

A workaround is to change the timezone from the sharepoint list to UTC+00. But then the "Created" and other time Column are wrong.


Please add support for other Timezones, even if it has to be declared in the flow himself.

Status: Planned
Level: Powered On

Any updates on this issue?

PowerApps Staff
Status changed to: Planned
Level: Powered On

Until last week, datetime column timezone was set as the sharepoint site timezone and worked perfectly, but today whenever the flow is activated it changes to utc + 00. I didn't change anything. I wonder what's going on.

Level: Powered On

I am waiting for a call back from a Microsoft FLOW expert right now regarding this issue.  I need the time to show correctly in the approval email.  It is correct in my list and on the Outlook calendar where the FLOW creates the event.  Approval email shows 21:00:00Z instead of 5pm.


Level 8


I am also waiting for this feature to be fixed soon!

I am avoiding to apply a WDL-based workaround (i.e. addhours) since as @Muffin states, if this feature is temporarily fixed, then such workaround would cause problems... 😞