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To be able to set Office 365 Labels using Flow

We need a way for Flow to be able to set an Office 365 Label , preferably on add or edit of document properties in document libraries. This would be something similar to the "Declare as Record" and "Undeclare as Record" SharePoint Designer 2010 actions which we can still do but that only sets the setting related to "in place records management" . Microsoft suggests to use modern Labels for retention and policies so we should have some equivalent way to set these using Modern workflow technology called Flow.

Status: New
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Just in case, I've already submitted the idea over here : Get and Set Compliance Labels in SharePoint


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Hi Coupal,

Sorry, I did do a Search and couldn't find anything similar so posted a new one. Thanks for confiming, I will upvote yours so all our votes are consolidated in 1 place.