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To-do 'My Day' trigger for Flow

Create a trigger for flow for any 'My day' tasks within Microsoft To-Do that are left uncompleted. 


Currently, tasks in 'My Day' are wiped at the end of the day so users start with a clean slate. I understand the logic of this approach but it is not suitable, or efficient, for everyone. This proposal would allow users to use a 'To-Do' trigger to automatically added yesterdays uncompleted 'My Day' tasks to today's 'My Day' tasks, saving time at the start of each day doing this manual. It also gives users reassure that tasks won't be lost.


Alternatively, it could be an 'end-of-day' trigger that could be used to create a summary email of all uncompleted tasks or create an export summary of completed/uncompleted tasks to excel that could be used to update a Power BI report, which users could build-out, to monitor their own performance with To-Do tasks e.g. no. 'My Day' tasks vs no. tasks left uncompleted at the end of each day etc. 

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New Member

This would be useful also to create a flow to send a "my day" email every morning 

Advocate II

I agree, this should be a feature of PowerAutomate.  I know the Suggestions feature is fairly intuitive but with an E5 plan my to do's are spread across so many platforms and things like steps (sub-tasks of to do's) can easily get lost the next day.

New Member

I'm really frustrated to see that this was posted two years ago and nothing was implemented... I had the exact same idea to create a daily mail with unfinished tasks or move new tasks directly to "my day" but the trigger for "my day" is missing... I just do not understand why. It is the core feature of to-do...

Advocate II

So I have found a workaround by using the Planner and PowerAutomate platforms.  Essentially, I use Planner for my tasks and adjust the due date accordingly.  Where Outlook Tasks and ToDo uses "tasks," Planner uses "task cards."  I use the Weekly Schedule view in Planner to show what I need to work on that day/week.  I simply drag and drop a task card in that view to move it around to another day.  Overdue task cards are red, completed ones are green, and unfinished are grey.  One critical flow I use is to copy new tasks to task cards - this ensures that I'm capturing everything in both platforms (Outlook and Planner).  As long as everything I automate (besides scheduled tasks) shows up with a due date of today, I won't miss seeing anything.


I've set up flows in PowerAutomate to do the following:

  • trigger re-occurring task cards that show up in Planner based on due date
  • copy new tasks to task cards with a due date of today
  • create task cards from Teams messages with a due date of today

PowerAutomate has some robust Update Task conditions that allow me to set the tag of the task card, who it's assigned to, and even adding checklist items.  The downside is that I have a ton of ToDo's that pile up because the task cards are copies of them and they are what I'm working with, not the ToDo's.


Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.