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Todoist create task comment and assignee

Glad to have possibility when using in flow create Task in Todoist have option to add comment/description of task (HTML) and choose who is responsible/assignee for task.

Status: New
Level: Power Up

This would really be nice for triggering Todoist task creation from an email.  Generally you would like to see the body of the email as a comment.

Level: Powered On

I would very much like the ability to assign a task to a user in todoist. Any plans for this integration?

Level: Power Up

Please!!! The task assigment availability is crucial!

Level: Power Up

I agree that adding comment via flow is really important when creating todoist tasks from email, or any other context for that matter. 

Level: Power Up

I agree this would be really useful. Often the subject of an email doesnt reflect the task so context (having the body as a comment) would help in processing the task.

Level: Power Up

Please add the body of the email as a comment.  Right now, the flow is useless as is.

Level: Power Up

Would also be useful to be able to use a New Comment as a trigger for tasks in a specific project.

Level: Power Up

In the create task, need to be able to:


Assign the new task to a person


Add a comment to the task


Zapier can already do this.