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Toggl integration, please

That is Toggl, not 'toggle', which migh confuse the search engine. 'The ultimate timer' that is 'insanely simple'.

The integration needs an API token so is a little different from your usual one, but nothing much. Well documented at

Must be simple, as there are many existing integrations:


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Allow connection to Toggl to pick up time entries to Flow to CRM, SharePoint, other.




Build a Time Tracker for WunderList or CRM to allow users to track time entries against CRM PSA Projects and Tasks from the desktop in real time (ie. w/ task timer) like Toggl. 

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This integration would be very helpful.  We record all of our time in Toggl, but also need to keep a daily log in Excel since we can't comment on entries in Toggl.  If a new entry in an Excel sheet could be made automatically when a new entry in Toggl is created, it would save us a lot of time.

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Yes please.

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Please add this

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Absolutely need this integration