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Transfer easily emails and attachments form Outlook to Sharepoint lists

In Sharepoint lists, there is an "Attachment" column available by default for each item.


I would like to set a Flow this way :

input : incoming email (from inbox) entitled "Object" with attachments "attachement.docx"

output : item in a Sharepoint list named "object", with "attachment.docx" available in the attachment column


So far I don't know how to do that with the existing templates in Flow. One fo them get attachment to a Sharepoint Library (not what I am looking for). Another one create an item in a Sharepoint List. This item in named after the mail's Object. However, so far, I can't get the attachement from the mail to be included in the newly created item.


Any idea ?

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Summarized : can Flow be used to automatically fill the "Attachment" column of a Sharepoint List item with a file attached to an email form Outlook Inbox ?


Thanks for any help,