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Translation of the default steps' names in the flows.

User1 in Japan has Japanese language set in their profile.

User1 configures a very important GlobalFlow1 for the department. User1 WAS NOT changing the default names of the steps in GlobalFlow1.

No one in User1's department have time to verify the flow, how it is done etc.: "Works? Works! Great let's use it globally."

User1 in Japan leaves the company.

User2 in England is given permissions by Admins to the GlobalFlow1 to manage this very important flow

User2 does not understand a word from the flow as it is in Japansese


Can we please have translation of steps in the flow when the name hasn't been chaged for them?

Usually people use default step names, inheriting such flows in different language after someone is like inheriting debts from a distant relative.

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If this is a global company with offices in different countries, then it is obvious staff will need to use English to communicate. Therefore, have everyone doing Flows and IT related work that has a global scale (you refer to your flow as GlobalFlow1) use English.

Problem solved, which is another way of saying that if a company develops flows in Japan in Japanese, it makes no sense to give it to someone in the UK office who does not know Japanese in the first place!  

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Good point! But:

"it is obvious" - I disagree,


"Problem solved" - I disagree.


"it makes no sense" - I think the same, but life writes that kind of scenarios sometimes.