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Treat Object as Dictionary or Convert Object to Array

Please make it possible to treat an object like a dictionary (ex by providing a keys property), or provide an Action to convert an object into a structured array.


This is already technically possible using a series of Compose steps (see:, however the setup for this set of Compose steps is tedius and error prone.


Use Case:


I have many large Excel Files that sit in OneDrive.  I need to convert them into SQL Tables whenever the Excel File is updated.  Many of the SQL Table fields are nullable, and in the Excel File these are marked with the text "NULL".  For each row in the Excel File, I need to convert all "NULL" into actual null before submitting the insert to the SQL Databse.


There are multiple ways that this can be done, but they are all very tedius with tables that have ~100+ fields.  It would be very helpful to be able to convert the row object into something that For-Each will accept.  Then I could iterate over all the fields in the row and make any replacements or type conversions needed before submitting those fields to the SQL INSERT ROW Action.



Looking through the forums, the need to treat an object as something iterable seems reasonably common outside my specific use case.  Please let me know if I am overlooking a language feature.  If not, please add a way to get the properties of an object as an array so that we can use them to iterate over an object.


Thank you.

Status: New