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Trello: More Trigger Options Needed

I would like an option for a trigger that would allow my Outlook 365 calender event to be updated when I change or add a due date on my Trello card.


Trello - When a due date on a card is changed -> Office 365 Outlook - Update event


Currently, there are only two triggers for Trello: 

Trello - When a new card is added to a board
Trello - When a new card is added to a list
I would be elated to see the addition of the following options:
Trello - When a due date on a card is added
Trello - When a due date on a card is changed 
Trello - When a due date on a card is marked as complete
Trello - When a due date on a card due within 24 hours
Status: New
Flow Staff

Thanks for your feedback. I've passed this on as a feature request for the team that owns the Trello triggers. 

Level: Power Up

Also, a basic.. Trello - When a card is updated trigger would be useful.

Flow Staff

I updated the feature request item for the connectors team.


For future reference, here is the feature request item number: 1077788.




Level: Power Up

What about the trigger "Trello – When <USER> is added to a card ..."?

You could easily filter your task out of a teamboard.

Level: Powered On

I would also suggest a trigger when a member is assigned to a card, though I could see this happening using the suggestion by Lennart and then a conditional branch.