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Trello: New Action needed / ..when Card moved

Hi all. 


MS Flow is awasome.

After a few flows, I ned a new action for Trello.

"Trello: When a Card has moved"

Board ID

List ID


It is similar to "When a new card is added to a list" but what if you drag an existing card to the list. 

That is, what I want to trigger/detect.


best regards


Level: Powered On

I'm having all kinds of trouble trying to get Trello and Flow to interact usefully. 

Perhaps someone on this thread can help.

First, I am trying to use the Trello When a Card is Added to a list trigger and it seems to work fine to start the flow, but am having issues with subsequent steps. I was wondering if anyone can give examples of ways they've successfully used it to get ideas. 

Second, I have a flow where I want to use create card and then update card - my flow creates a card that is named from a dynamic content fielf in Forms. I want to move that same card automatically when certain subsequent steps of the flow are approved. As far as I can tell, the update card action will only work on cards that are already in the board when you set up the flow which kind of defeats the purpose of automating many update steps imo. Does anyone have any ideas on how to work around this?