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Trigger: E-Mail Category change

Trigger a flow, if I change a category of an e-mail that is already in my inbox.


e.g.: I open an e-mail in Outlook desktop and set it's category to 'Licensing' and then close (and save) this e-mail. Then I want to trigger a flow to work on this e-mail.

Status: New

another way to 'trigger' that would be to use a Outlook desktop 'QuickStep' to qickly one-klick change the categroy of an e-mail and by this triggering the flow.


that could be the same with calendar items as subject for the flow

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Would like to trigger  a flow when i categorize an email or change the category.

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Also interessting to trigger when I drag an email in a new (sub)folder

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Me too, and use that category to pick a BucketID in Planner

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This is something that would be really useful.

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+1 on this.

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E-mail category should be an argument when creating flow rules, wether a condition or a trigger or both is not essetial. I am puzzled why this is not standard feature in flow as category is a field in both Outlook desktop and Outlook web app.


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people here should vote on the following topic, which seems is followed by the MS team

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Hi, categorizing trigger is a must (on any outlook element type, email, event, task, contact, note). But is only posible on OWA and desktop, not on Android or iOS 😞

For example, I'm trying to create a planner task asigned to a team member by just categorizing an email. Of course I´ll have to create a flow to match each category to a team member to assign the task.