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Trigger: E-Mail Category change

Trigger a flow, if I change a category of an e-mail that is already in my inbox.


e.g.: I open an e-mail in Outlook desktop and set it's category to 'Licensing' and then close (and save) this e-mail. Then I want to trigger a flow to work on this e-mail.

Status: Under Review

The Power Automate team is listing this idea as 'Under Review'.

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There are other similar ideas to this flow idea; it adds more weight if people would stop creating their own "ideas" and add to the voices on existing similar ideas.

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I was looking for this feature and become really disappointed when found that it is not available yet, so , please DO it. 

+1 for this idea.

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+1 as well on this - want to use categories to prioritize tasks in task manager

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This idea would add to the efficiency of my flows. For example, I have to have a separate flow and separate email folder to process email. Having a category trigger would allow me to use a single processing folder and a single flow that would get triggered by a category setting (get category, do this based on category).

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+1 - would love to use this kind of a Flow trigger

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Being able to trigger on Category changes would be amazing!

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I've voted on this, as well as this idea to create a flow from a QuickStep -


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When you say "another way to 'trigger' that would be to use a Outlook desktop 'QuickStep' to qickly one-klick change the categroy of an e-mail and by this triggering the flow."


can you share how this is possible? I can't see a way to trigger a flow from a QuickStep?

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+1 The use cases for being able to do this are numerous


Please prioritize if you can.


Thank You