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Trigger Flow from SharePoint metadata change event

Initiate a Flow when a value in a Sharepoint column is updated.

For example, when a Status is set from Draft to Review, send a notifiication to a user or, even better, to a user specifid in another column in that item.


This needs to work on both libraries and lists

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I have the same issue and I can't understand why a trigger will not be available based on a field updated in a document library.

Power Apps Staff
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This is a fantastic suggestion - I've created a flow that triggers on item modified, switch case then uses metadata fields to direct the flow to several possible scenarios. I wish the flow could be triggered based on a metadata value.

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I just now discovered that this was not already a feature and am working on a workaround now. Any update regarding if/when this is being worked on vs. under review? 

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I created a workaround using conditions and instead of a status field I converted each approver to a yes/no field and based the condition on approved is equal to bool('false') which works fine.
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It's 2018 and there is still no Trigger like that.

But hopefully soon!

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Was hoping that this existed as a trigger, but see that I'm not alone at least in wanting this feature.


I have a few SharePoint lists where I have a column set to Yes/No. If it's changed or initially set to Yes, I want it to kick off the Flow to start adding the member to various O365 Groups. As it is, I have to manually tell it to start instead, which isn't as ideal.