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Trigger Flow from SharePoint metadata change event

Initiate a Flow when a value in a Sharepoint column is updated.

For example, when a Status is set from Draft to Review, send a notifiication to a user or, even better, to a user specifid in another column in that item.


This needs to work on both libraries and lists

Status: Under Review
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I have the same issue and I can't understand why a trigger will not be available based on a field updated in a document library.

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Status changed to: Under Review
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This is a fantastic suggestion - I've created a flow that triggers on item modified, switch case then uses metadata fields to direct the flow to several possible scenarios. I wish the flow could be triggered based on a metadata value.

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I just now discovered that this was not already a feature and am working on a workaround now. Any update regarding if/when this is being worked on vs. under review? 

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I created a workaround using conditions and instead of a status field I converted each approver to a yes/no field and based the condition on approved is equal to bool('false') which works fine.
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It's 2018 and there is still no Trigger like that.

But hopefully soon!

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Was hoping that this existed as a trigger, but see that I'm not alone at least in wanting this feature.


I have a few SharePoint lists where I have a column set to Yes/No. If it's changed or initially set to Yes, I want it to kick off the Flow to start adding the member to various O365 Groups. As it is, I have to manually tell it to start instead, which isn't as ideal.

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This is sorely needed. With SPO, I've been asked to not use the classic library view. Therefore, users can drag and drop files, and there is no option for a form. Our process includes several required metadata fields, including an assign to and due date fields in which our collaboration revolves around. When a person is finished editing a document, they edit the metadata to assign it to the next person(s) and provide a new due date. When this happens, no email is ever sent to the person assigned b/c the flows don't initiate when the metadata is changed (this works like a charm when using SharePoint Designer). Please provide this option. For those of us who have more extensive approval processes (and other major processes revolving around libraries) than the basic approval template, this option to start a flow when the metadata is edited is a must. Thank you.