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Trigger Instagram hashtags, tags

Being able to use hashtags, tags and so on for triggers, like Twitter, to perform actions.

Status: New
New Member

I would like to be able to receive notifications if we are tagged or hashtagged

New Member

Totally agree on this, I personally dont care about my own instagram uploads. I want to be able to have certain hashtag(s) as trigger. Then slap a filter on that



Caption text contains: X

Hashtag contains: X

Be able to add multiple steps to the filter


Maybe I want to be able to track stuff to a certain tag.

Also if people follow my instagram and setup rules for that.



New Member

Can we please have a trigger on Instagram for particular hashtags. Dont need to know about my uploads.


New Member

2 years and no update on this? This would be useful considering the size-able share of social media Instagram has now .