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Trigger: New Team created


Can we get a trigger when a new team is created; 


This could be used to enable a bunch of housekeeping - create standard channels, add admin technical staff as owners, add certain groups of staff automatically. etc. 

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This is great idea, it will help to catch this event and then realize not only administration that is behind, but can lead to another events.


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I'd like to have this to use in a flow to 1. Notify me, and then from thatnotification I can create a listing of all the company Teams. Maybe I'm missing it?, but this is something I do not find currently available (at least not in a central way) through the O365 admin centers.


I don't want a listing of all O365 groups--just the listing of the ones created as a Team.

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I also need a trigger when a Channel is deleted, in order to make a copy of the channel's conversations.

Thanks 😉

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Agreed. Having a trigger for when a new team is created in MS Teams would be very helpful for house keeping.

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It would be nice to be able to block the Team creation process until an approval process was put in place.

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Any ideas of this feautures? This will be very useful! 

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This is indeed a trigger I would like for my automation process and house holding. 

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Agreed.  This would be very helpful.     Microsoft please add this functionality.

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Hope this trigger comes soon. Should be very helpful.

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Great idea! Given the cumbersome workaround of turning off Team creation (using powershell and needing premium azure licence), this would help improve the back-up option of monitoring Team creation retroactively at least.