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Trigger: Office 365 Outlook - When an email is flagged in a shared mailbox

just like the trigger: "Office 365 Outlook - When an email is flagged" this one should fire on shared mailboxes when an email is flagged (this would add to the functionality of shared mailboxes and triggers. so far, there exists "Office 365 Outlook - When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox" that fires upon arrival of a new email in a shared mailbox).

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(this is actually duplicate and can be deleted )

We have 'incidents' share mailbox and I would like to use Flow to send notifications based on emails to better alert relevant people.

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Hello - I am trying to create a trigger where dragging/dropping an existing email from my individual Inbox to a specific folder in a Shared Mailbox will trigger a Planner Task to be created in a corresponding Bucket. 


I successfully created a Flow to create new tasks from new emails that I forward to the Shared Mailbox, but the Trigger does not recognize older emails dragged to the Shared Mailbox as a "new" email. 


Any ideas? If not this would be a very useful feature/function addition. I know it works for Sharepoint folders, so why not for mailboxes? 


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I suspect that the poorly worded first reply to this is what has killed it.


MHO has kiboshed the request by erroneously implying the request is a duplicate without the curtesy of linking to any such duplicated thread.


This is a much needed feature that seems to have been overlooked.

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Really needed!


As already said here, with the "new mail" Trigger, we can use flow for new emails, but there is no way of using a flow for emails which are already  in the folder. Perhaps because of flow is created later or new-mail-trigger was not correct configured.

Would be nice to create a solution to run flows on Emails which are already in a shared mailbox folder! This "trigger on flaged emails in shared mailboxes" would be one solution!

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Really could use this, so the team's shared customer-support mailbox can produce tasks in the team's planner.

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This would be really useful to have and it's kinda strange that a trigger for personal mailboxes was made but not for shared mailboxes.