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Trigger: OneDrive for Business - File count in OneDrive Folder...

It would be really helpful and user-friendly if there was quick and simple option when creating Notifications in Flow that allowed you to create a push notification when a selected OneDrive Folder met certain predetermined parameters. One idea would be:


Field 1The filepath of the OneDrive folder destination


Field 2:

1. The file count of the folder...

2. The creation date of the oldest file...

3. The creation date of the newest file...


Field 3:

1. Is less than

2. Is greater than

3. Is equal to or less than

4. Is equal to or greater than

5. Is NOT equal to

6. Is equal to

7. Is like

8. Is NOT like


Field 4:

1. Integer

2. String

3. Date-Time


This would make setting up notifications in situations where attention is not required until either a certain date or the volume fo the task required reaches a certain threshhold. (I.e. The collection of vendor invoices: Once a certain quantity of invoices are saved to a folder, then a notification is sent out letting the user know it's time to start vouching them in their ERP software.)

Status: New