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Trigger: Outlook: When an email is Flagged

Subject says it all.


It would be helpful to be able to trigger a flow by flagging an email for follow up. I'd like to be able to add these emails to a Wunderlist to follow up on later.

Status: Completed

Support for this was added today. Read more here:

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To create a trigger action from flagging an email has a variety of uses and being able to create a task in microsoft planner would also be an advantage.

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Totally agree - I want to create a Wunderlist task if emails are flagged, just like they are for Outlook Tasks.

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There should be a generic trigger for "When an item is modified" or "When a message is modified" similar to the "When an event is modified". This would cover this use case as well as when a reminder is set or a message is categorized or deleted.

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I would like to see this as well


Please do this for both Outlook 365 email and



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Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed

Support for this was added today. Read more here:

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This new flag trigger works a bit too well: it triggers when a flag is set but also when it's marked completed! That's not desired I would think.

I tried to put a filter but the flag status of the message isn't part of the data.

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Is it possible for me to create a trigger for flagged emails AND where the flag matches a specific value? This would allow me to create a trigger for those emails that are flagged today, a sepate one for those that are marked tomorrow, etc. Then I could post those emails to an appropriate list (like in Trello, or Wunderlist, or Evernote, etc.).


Perhaps it can be done by using "add a switch case" or "add a condition". Before I go exploring that, can someone tell me if I am on the right track? Can this be done with Flow now, or is further development required?