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Trigger Outlook rules

Many of us struggle with managing to get the inbox to zero. ON the other hand, you want to be in control. Several tools are around there to move some unimportant mails out of your box directly. But then you missed them at all and should thing to unsubscribe to services send these emails.


It's still important that on certain time these emails will be removed. Most of them based on sender or subject. Most of this can be managed by inbox-rules of outlook, which will be synced to Office 365 automatically). Unfortunately, to run these rules you have to option. Automatically, when a new email is received for example. Or manually, run them based on actions chosen in the client OR by running a script to trigger these rules. IN both cases you need access to a client to trigger the action. As outlook/o365 does not have the ability to run these rules on a scheduled basis, it should be helpfull to trigger this action form Microsoft FLOW. Unfortunately, I cannot find any interface to do so.

Status: New
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exactly what I'm looking for too. This is exactly how professional mail filter management looks like. Hopefully the rules will become addressable in MSFlow!