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Trigger Planner update task (please, include field: Label/ Category)


Currently, when updating scheduler tasks in Power Automate, only the following fields are available:
(V1) | Title | Expiration Date / Time⁠ | Start Date / Time | Progress | Add assigned users | Remove assigned users
(V2 - previous version) | Task ID | Title | Completion Date and Time | Start date and time | Percent Complete

Please include updating the following fields, or create a new Power automate trigger to update these fields:
Label / Label - Category (or ID Label - similar to ID Bucket) | Checklist Items



Status: New
New Member

Yes please. My team would very much like to have the ability to set a Planner Label in the Planner Create a task or Planner Update task details.

We would also like to set the show on card checkbox in the Update task details action.