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Trigger Power Automate flows from iOS Shortcuts

Would like the ability to trigger Power Automate flows from iOS Shortcuts & Suggestions so that I can start flows when I do things like tap an NFC tag, arrive at work, put my phone in airplane mode, etc.  The current Power Automate iOS mobile app only supports "button" triggers which are not nearly as useful as integration with Siri/iOS shortcuts would be.  

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Hey @mattdot,


Have you considered using QR codes?  You could create an HTTP web hook and save the URL as a QR.  You can then scan the code with your phone and trigger the PowerAutomate.

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What you are asking, is already possible.


just create an “instant cloud flow” with trigger http request.


see pictures for further explanation.






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Hi @mattdot 


You can also have a look at the Ubiqod connector to trigger a flow when a QR code is scanned.

You can find a tutorial here: