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Trigger Preset Request on Power Automate?

I'm very new with working with programs like Power Automate, but I was surprised that this wasn't a trigger option preset. 

I have my cognito forms' data copying over to different excel sheets and emails to different departments. 


I would like to:


Have a specific word/phrase/result that ends up in a specific Excel column to trigger, sending the data from that row containing it, to then be formatted as an email and/or be put in a separate excel spreadsheet that collects that result?


Example: In a form, if that customer selects that "YES" they want to opt-in to emails with info on a specific topic; that customer's data is then sent to the email of the department that deals with that category, as a new lead for them. 


Sorry if this is super obvious and I just wasn't sure how to orchestrate it. Thank You!

Status: New