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Trigger: Sharepoint Change/ creation of file in folder OR SUBFOLDERS

This I would need for coordination with my external accounting.

Creation of serval flows for each subfolder is not dynamic enouch and has not good overview.

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Yes! I need this feature! Many people in my organization need our sharepoint library to be simply organized so that we don't have to sift through thousands of files, pictures, presentations, and videos. Instead, we use folders to make sure everything is organized. But, I'd love to use flow to kick off some notifications and automation based on file creation deeper into our organized system, but I don't want to creat hundreds of flows just so that every possible file created will be covered. I'd like a way for flow to just detect files created in child folders of the folder it's looking at.

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We also need this feature to be implemented. It has no sense to create a new flow for each folder in a document library.


Please, consider this idea.



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Ciurrent trigger is practically useless as no one storea files in one folder as that'll be a compost pit. So event is to be triggered either by new file, new folder, new file in a subfolder