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Trigger When File is created or modified on folders and subfolders on SharePoint



In Current Scenario , there is no direct way to trigger a Power Automate when a file is modified or created in main folders or its sub folders. This is much needed feature to work with sharepoint and Power Automate. This is also mentioned in documentation , please refer below link :


Please vote this as much to have this feature in Power Automate and Sharepoint. 




Status: New
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The key here to the trigger is the one called "when a file is created or modified (properties only)".      That one will give the option to select a folder or not.  Technically, this is done and the only thing for user voice would be to perhaps rename that trigger to something less "technical"  

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@ralphrmsn You're absolutely right. It works, and as you said, it's not so obvious, so maybe Microsoft needs to explicitly mention that on the trigger