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Trigger When a Jira issue is updated



It would be nice to have the trigger : "When a Jira issue is updated".


It would also be nice to be able to edit the jira issues using MS Flow, which would require a flow item : "Update a Jira issue"


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Also along with this, I could really use a trigger when an Issue is Assigned to me. 

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+1 to update jira items on triggers such as "Assignments" or "Watcher List, etc"

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Yeah it would be really usefull to be able to get my workitem updated in DevOps when an issue is updated in jira, e.g with assignee. 


That would really help us use this flow functionality

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This trigger will be very helpful.
To achieve the same result now I have to collect all JIRA issues in Excel and then use flow to update every single JIRA issues, even if there is no update - just to make sure no update is missed.
JIRA issues I monitor are in the range of 3000 - it takes almost two hours for the flow to run!

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So, is JIRA or MSFT just sitting around staring at each other or what. Does this trigger exist or not?

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Bumping this thread up.

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Follow up on this template

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Also it would be good to have a trigger when a JIRA task is changed....for exampel status or somehting to trigger som actions

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Any progress on this?