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Trigger- When a User is added to a Active Directory

There would be interesting to trigger a flow to take actions when a new user is created on Azure Active Directory. For example, send email notification.

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We have a PowerApp with a Contacts screen that shows all employees and their contact information.  We want to start a Flow when a user is added to our Azure AD so that we can do a push notification through the PowerApp so everyone knows a new employee has been onboarded.

Level: Powered On

Key triggers for me would be:

  • On new user
  • On new group
  • On user added to group
  • On user removed from group
  • On user updated
  • On group updated
  • On user removed
  • On group removed

These would open up some really useful options around automating the Office 365 security model, allowing us to push more control back to users without risking the integrity of the overall security of our cloud tenancy.