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Trigger- When a User is added to a Active Directory

There would be interesting to trigger a flow to take actions when a new user is created on Azure Active Directory. For example, send email notification.

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To build on the idea, it would be nice to trigger flows when an account is created or deleted.

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I too would like this feature. I would like to be able to have a flow built based on user group. E.G if you have multi sites with different groups, a user gets an email based on the groups they are in with welcome information.


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Here is another idea with votes already that you may also want to vote up:

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I would use this trigger to send a Welcome message to the new user instructing him/her to make a device order and inform other IT practises of the company.


This would be really useful and sounds like something that the flow woud bring clear business benefits when automating the onboarding process!

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