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Trigger: When an email is sent from a shared mailbox

I would like to trigger if an email is sent from a shared mailbox.



When an email arrives in the shared mailbox the inbox date is stored in an sharepoint list.

With this new trigger it would be possible to track when the resonse to this email was sent from the
shared mailbox.
This enables me to track the response times for incoming emails and eventually build a semiautomated
ticketing system with PowerApps based on a sharepoint list.

Status: New
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 I have the same need for my team. Trigger when an email is sent from a shared mailbox is equially important when an email is sent. Hoping this gets considered in the next release.




Frequent Visitor

I have a similar need but also need to be able to filter the trigger so that when user 1 is on the email but user 2 is not the trigger executes.

New Member

I also would like this, but with the ability to filter based on subject line or content. Need to post to an API when a specific email is forwarded from a specific shared box.

New Member

I would like this too so that I can automatically set up files when sending an email from a shared email group. 

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My use case is to create a Planner task from an email that needs actioning simply by sending an email to, for example, At present this is only possible if is a real (paid) MS 365 account (in which case you can use the incoming email as a trigger). If there was a trigger for outgoing emails sent to a particular address then could simply be an email alias.